Certified Translations / Traduções Certificadas

I am pleased to announce that I now provide Certified Translations. The language pairs provided for this type of service are EN>PT, ES>PT, DE>PT, and FR>PT. In Portugal, a certified translation consists of a notarial document (which can be issued by a lawyer), which certifies the identity of the person who presents himself as a translator. The translator ensures that the translation is faithful to the original document. A certified translation consists on the declaration of the notary and the translator, signed and stamped; the original, signed and stamped by the translator and notary; the translation, signed and stamped by the translator and notary. If the translation is destined to another country, the certification process must be certified in accordance with the rules of that country. This must be done by a local official entity: ministry, embassy or consulate. It will often imply the need to affix an “apostille stamp”, in accordance with the Hague Convention. I can also help you with this process. The certification process and rules vary from country to country. In any case, please contact me if you are in need of a certified translation. I can help you throughout the process and help you understand more about it.

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