Free resources for freelance translators #3 – Office Suite Tools

This article is part of a series of blog posts about free resources for freelance translators.

Who doesn’t know Microsoft Office? Developed by Microsoft, it is the world’s most used office productivity desktop app (over 1 billion users), with an ever-expanding number of features. At first glance, the only disadvantage seems to be its price tag.

As a freelancer, having a variety of office suite tools is extremely important to get the job done. Alternatives do exist, and today I will be presenting you with the ones that are free. Please enjoy the list.

  • Google Docs – Probably the second most known office productivity app. It is ideal for users who need to collaborate with others. While it lacks a lot of advanced features, it supports many file formats. If you want an alternative that does not take up much space, then Google Docs is probably the best option. The only requirements are having a Google Account and Internet connection;
  • LibreOffice – A community-driven and developed software that is open source and available for free. It has standout features, such as a familiar interface, compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, versatility, and document security. It does not have any kind of integrated cloud storage but overall it is a great alternative;
  • WPS Office – As alternatives go, none adhere as faithfully to the Microsoft suite as WPS Office.The app adds a few features that you won’t find in Microsoft Office, such as support of tabbed documents, a Paragraph Layout, and a Section Navigation. Other than that, it allows the user to customize the interface and supplies 1GB of cloud storage;
  • Free Office – FreeOffice is the no-charge version of SoftMaker Office 2016. It contains most of the features of the commercial product but omits some key ones that the user can only get by upgrading the account. It has a simplistic interface and excellent compatibility with lots of Office formats, although it is missing some key features, such as cloud storage or the capacity to save modern Office formats;
  • Apache OpenOffice – The last app on this list. Apache is very similar to Microsoft Office and can be used on mobile devices. The most standout feature is the possibility of exporting documents directly to PDF format. Regardless of the advantages, there are some downsides, such as crashes/glitches during execution, the lack of a Publisher program, etc..

That is all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post. Don’t forget to share it with your colleagues and leave your comments. See you next time!

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