Language pairs: EN>PT/PT>EN; ES>PT; DE>PT

Translation/Proofreading – I am specialized in general translation, document translation, commercial/administrative translation and informative translation. You may also contact me for any project in the areas of journalism, tourism/travels, IT, patents, history, linguistics, human resources, government/politics, and entertainment. I also provide certified translations.

Edition – In order to improve the overall quality of your project, I focus on enhancing the language employed, using the clearest expressions possible, removing errors and inconsistencies, and creating the maximum impact on the reader;

Website and software localization – Should you need your website/software/app adapted to the purchasing habits and linguistic behavior of the Portuguese inhabitants, I am the one you can contact. When acquiring my services of localization, you are effectively increasing your influence in a language market that has over 260 million speakers. It is estimated that 80% of Internet users only purchase online through websites that are located into their native language;

Subtitling – This process consists of many phases, including spotting (synchronization), translation (adaptation), simulation (checking if the subtitles meet all of the criteria) and correction of the errors/readjustment of the text. When subtitling, naturality and fluency are my main focus;

Terminology work – If you need to formulate a glossary, analyze concepts, idealize structures, identify terms, compile and manage terminology, please do not hesitate to contact me;

Transcription – You can benefit from my experience in turning audio files into text. For this service, there are a lot of variables that are likely to change the final price (number of people speaking, quality of the audio, turnaround time, etc.,). I can transcribe into English (British and American), Portuguese (European and Brazilian) and Spanish (European and American);

Copywriting – I can write copy for the purpose of advertising and/or other forms of marketing. This adaptation can be produced in the format of content marketing, web content development, and SEO optimization;

Project Management – I can effectively initiate, plan, control, and close the work of a team, with the purpose of achieving certain goals and maximizing productivity.

Desktop publishing/Content Creation – My DTP and Content Creation competences include multimedia edition, website creation, data/text input, design, and production.